Scotown is the number 1 Latin sensation from the Netherlands. This 9-headed band, with a tremendous state of service in the Latin and Salsa scene, will redefine music! The impressive music portfolio, decades of experience in Latin music and a very new sound are the ingredients for this new top act.

Our promise: wherever we come, there will be a PARTY!

Scotown’s bandmembers are famous from bands like Masalsa, Miami Connection and Trafassi XXL.

  • Soeshiel Sharma
    Drums, Timbales

    From hip hop to Hindi pop: Soeshiel has given spectacular drum performances for twenty-five years now. 'Music is part of who I am.' This comes as no surprise, given that he started drumming at the age of five. To him, a great show requires more than just musical perfection – a spectacular performance and stunning visuals are equally important. 'That said, I only consider the show a success if the music really moves the audience.'

    Modern, Upbeat, Spontaneous
  • Anil Sharma
    Conga’s, Percussion

    Mesmerising, rhythmic, and dazzlingly energetic: Anil's beats get everyone moving. He's been delivering show-stopping performances since 1989. 'I only consider it a good show if everyone is having a blast and the band wakes up the next morning with butterflies in their stomachs.' That sounds like music to our ears.

    Happy, Energetic, Swinging
  • Arvind Seetaram
    Bass guitar

    Where would Scotown be without the warm, deep, and swinging sound of the bass? After a thousand or so shows, we've come to expect nothing less than musical perfection from bass guitarist Arvind. What’s his favourite thing about playing for an audience? 'Transporting people through music and watching them have fun.' That promises to be a great show.

    Warm, Varied, Passionate
  • Jeroen Griep

    With Chopin as his musical role model, Jeroen grew up to become a masterful pianist. This talented player's ultimate goal is to create a musical crescendo that makes everyone want to get up and party. How does he describe his music? 'A mix of pop and jazz with a hint of Latin.'

    Creative, Enthralling, Enthusastic
  • Rishi Bonoo

    Inspirational, passionate, and always swinging, music has been an important part of Rishi's life since his father gave him his first keyboard as a child. What makes a show a success? 'When I feel a positive connection with the audience.' Rishi also wants to use his knowledge and experience to help others develop their own musical talent.

    Vibrant, Groovy, Passionate
  • Shalini Bholasing

    I’m a Vocal Performance Coach and Zumba instructor, and music is literally my life! Music is the only language that everyone speaks. It connects everyone. So as a lead vocalist in Scotown, my goal is to connect with the musicians and the audience. Every time! But we are fireworks on stage. And we don’t believe in one style. As a versatile singer, I can truly shine in this band!

    Funky, Cool, Jazzy
  • Kenrick Peterson

    Lead vocalist Kenrick breaths music, entertaining people with his voice since he was 5 years old. His musical interest reaches from Luther Vandross to Eddie Vedder. “The chemistry between the band and fans makes performing magic.” Kenrick wants to connect with his fans through performing out of the box.

    Inspiring, Friendly, All-round
  • Surajh Ratan

    Eddie van Halen, Slash and Michael Jackson: these are Surajh’s childhood heroes. A few years and more than 1500 performances later, his passion for music has only grown. Music is his best friend, an outlet, and the perfect remedy for everything. The best thing about playing in front of an audience? “The interaction. When they dance, sing along, and scream for more.”

    Inspiring, Ambitious, Innovative.
  • Sjaid Foncé

    At a young age, Sjaid discovered salsa, merengue and bachata through his family. Every time they got together, his grandmother would put on music for the whole family to enjoy. “I can really express myself through music. Especially on stage. I feel a connection to the audience. At the end of a performance, when I gave it my all and I can see the audience had a great time… I savor that feeling for days.”

    Expressive, Badass, Soul